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Available from 24th September at d1milano.com


Pioneered under a licensing agreement with KODAK; the American giant in the production of cinematographic films, the KODACHROME Analog Watch Limited Edition presents a retro-style black polycarbonate alliance with iconic red and yellow engraved dial detailing. As a special tribute to vintage cameras and films, witness a refinement of nostalgia fine-tuned by a unique cyclops lens and dedicated frame engravings.

Named after the first successful colour reversal film introduced by Eastman Kodak Company in 1935, the KODACHROME Analog Watch Limited Edition is inspired by KODAK cameras; particularly the revolutionary "KODAK BROWNIE Holiday Edition Camera" (1954-1962), which introduced the snapshot to the masses during the twentieth century, thanks to its simplicity and accessibility.



Constructed by a 40.5mm diameter case mounting a black PVD bezel, this KODACHROME Analog Watch Limited Edition secures a matching polycarbonate bracelet, completed with the iconic soft touch finish.

Stemming from a fusion between irony and design, this collaboration also places a strong focus on attention to detail. The glass dial of the watch features a convex lens on the date, which is characterised by the lenses of KODAK Cameras, whereas the engraved case back tributes to vintage films rolls. Moreover, the contrast between black polycarbonate versus red and yellow dial detailing, ultimately reflects the playful soul of this world-famous brand, while also staying true to the DNA of D1 Milano.



The packaging for the KODACHROME Analog Watch Limited Edition has also embarked on a complete transformation, in order to recreate the same experience a customer encounters in the world of cameras, while also respecting the identity and design of the timepiece itself. It will be contained in a logo-engraved aluminium cylinder; an innovation drawn from past film canisters, and alongside that will be a KODAK Single Use Camera featuring customised D1 Milano graphics.



This limited edition timepiece holds a water resistance of up to 5 ATM.

Available from 24th September at d1milano.com



The Kodak and Kodachrome trademarks, Kodak logo and trade dress are used under license from Kodak