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“September is the month of grapes harvesting. The mild temperatures and still long days of sunshine allow to enjoy the beautiful landscape of vineyards” Our Italian heritage took us to explore the fascinating Chianti vineyards in Tuscany. Follow us on @D1Milano and discover something more about one of the most ancient and traditional produce!

D1 Milano - Harvest 2018 - Into the Tuscan Hills

The harvest

Different grapes qualities lead to different maturation processes and determining when to harvest requires a touch of science along with old fashioned tasting. Our journey starts with the Merlot wine at Petrolo vineyards. Grapes are carefully picked by hand to preserve the acidity and sweetness of the berries, and taken to winery for the sorting process.

The separation of berries and from impurities

The sorting is the very first process inside the winery and lets the journey of the wine begin. First mechanically and then manually, the separation of good-quality berries from branches and leaves ensures cleanliness of all impurities.

 D1 Milano - Harvest 2018 - Into the Tuscan Hills

The fermentation

After the crushing and pressing of the selected berries, fermentation comes into play. The must is placed inside huge tanks where it continues the fermentation until all of the sugar is converted into alcohol and dry wine is produced.