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This Ultra Thin Meteorite watch is characterised by the natural Iron Nickel Meteorite dial called “The Muonionalusta”. It first impacted Northern Scandinavia approximately one million years BCE.

The markings on the surface of the dial outlining the distinctive meteorite look are called “Widmanstätten Patterns”, and their presence alone suggests an extraterrestrial origin. This is due to a special cooling process, which occurs at a very slow pace for over millions of years. Hence, what is achieved is the formation of crystalline structures resembling geometric patterns that are visible to the naked eye.

Since it is a natural and organic material, each watch will therefore be distinguishably unique.

The new Meteorite Limited Edition will be available in a case size of 40 mm in diameter by 6 mm in thickness. It will also feature a stainless steel bracelet with black plating, and a water resistance of 5 ATM.

Available from February, 17. Limited to 250 pieces, only 50 available online.