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A D1Milano FOR HER

If she tells you she doesn’t want anything for Valentine’s Day this year - you know, or at least you SHOULD know, she is lying.

Every girl dreams of an amazing surprise on the most romantic day of the year, and if we know you, you probably have no clues on what to give her.

This year we provide two different solutions, so you can sleep well at night and not stress about finding something last minute. We all know that a teddy bear with “I love you” written on him is well out of fashion.

Ready to solve all your problems?

1) Get her a D1Milano Super Slim. It’s perfect for every occasion, understated but chic. You can choose from a different spectrum of colours and materials. We have the mesh one for the city fashion girls, the leather strap for the classy one, and the person - water resistant - for the sporty type. So whatever your girls fancy, we have it.

2) The second is our favourite (and for sure HER favourite) solution, the most romantic, the most surprising. We guarantee after seeing the package she will be all dreamy... and you will get a gift yourself. WIN WIN. This year we come with the perfect bundle for you. Buy yourself matchy-matchy watches and rock them hand in hand, like the perfect couple.

Now that you are all set, you just have to book dinner... And buy flowers... Nobody said love was easy! 

Best wishes,

D1Milano Team