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Discover more about the beautiful life of being a mother with our friend Laura (@lauracaldarola)!

D1 Milano - #D1WaytoLove - Happy Mother's Day

One day I will look at this picture and I will remember how young I was, how the children would drive me crazy, how the hot sun forced us to squeeze our eyes and how the wind continually ruffled my hair. I will remember a smile that said: I am happy.

For many months I played “pick a boo” when Leonardo was a baby. I hid my face with my hands and then I suddenly took them off. Pick a boo!! And he laughed and asked me to do it again and again, until got me tired, until he became a little young man and this game no longer made him laugh so much. But sometimes we go back to being children, both of us.

D1 Milano - #D1WaytoLove - Happy Mother's Day

The first time I put Orlando in a pool. It was a children’s pool but the water was unexpectedly cold. Leonardo joined us and for the special occasion we both wore a striped beachwear. We discovered that Orlando does not fear cold water, as opposed to his mother and his brother.

The portrait of a mother in love and a little angel who looks like he came from a Renaissance picture to make my life happier. Since I'm a mother I do not have time for myself, I neglect myself and I am more stressed, though I can not say that I am not deeply happier and fulfilled.

D1 Milano - #D1WaytoLove - Happy Mother's Day

You are a part of me and I will always protect you, I will always support you, I will keep you close to me as long as you allow me. Your little hands are looking for mine, because I am your reference, I am your shield, your self confidence. One day it will be the opposite, you will take care of me and I will look for your hands.

This is family, together and individually. Each with its own way to go, but united for life.