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Bali, endless rice terraces, white and black beaches, world-class surfing, ancient culture, countless temples and volcanic mountains. And all of this can be found on one tropical island.



Know as the island of the God’s, Bali’s predominant religion is Hinduism. Balinese religion is known to the world through the richness of its rituals. Gods and demons seem to be everywhere hence so many ‘canang sari’, which are daily offerings made to show gratitude to the Hindu god.


Photographers dream

Bali is not short of places to photograph. One of the most famous travel photos on the internet happens to be outside the gates of a golf course! This tall pointy entrance point makes for a beautiful Bali backdrop and has been snapped many of times over by Instagrammers over the past few years.



Although they’re not exactly a ‘Balinese’ food, Bali certainly know how to do them well.

These small bowls of goodness can be found pretty much everywhere on the Island.


Rice Terraces

Nothing compares to its dominance in the world for the most picturesque, awe-inspiring, ethereal rice terraces that expand across the entire countryside.

Tegallalang is probably the most famous of all, with its level upon levels and luscious greens it’s easy to see why tourists from all over flock here.



Attracting surfers, divers, and swimmers from all over the world. The white and black sand that line each beach is as iconic as the waves that crash into them. Each beach has its own perks, and visitors of all types can find one to fall in love with.