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Thailand Memories

“Thailand has become a top destination for tourists.
History there is thrilling, historical sites are fascinating and landscapes are enchanting.”

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D1 Milano Thailand memories


From intricately designed temples to one of Thailand‘s most famous beers, elephants in Thailand certainly have quite the reputation. Chang, meaning elephant, is Thailand’s national animal.

Many tourist flock to the country in the hope to interact with theses beautiful creatures but I urge you to do so in way that is ethical. #noriding

D1 Milano Thailand memories

Long Tail Boat

One of the classic postcard pictures of the Thai islands involves the longtail boats. Wooden boats with brightly colored hangings driving by a motor on a very long stick behind. You don’t get very far in the island areas without seeing (or riding in one)


There are over 2,000 miles of coastline and 8,000 islands to choose from, many of the beaches have luxurious white sand, endearing warm water and beautiful scenery

D1 Milano Thailand memories


You’ll find a real gamut of transportation options in Thailand, from Bangkok’s modern Skytrain system to tuk-tuks, with plenty of options in between.
But there’s nothing quite like navigating your way through the Thai islands on a scooter, seeing the country in a way only those on 2 wheels can.

Street Dogs

From Bangkok to Phuket, Thailand is a country filled with abandoned pets. Dogs of all sizes, shapes and descriptions roam the streets, alleys and beaches in search of food and shelter.

D1 Milano Thailand memories Street dogs