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Oh hi, Ojai!

An hour North of Los Angeles in a valley at the base of the Topatopa mountain range is the small town of Ojai. Known for being a little funky and eclectic, it’s been on the map as a weekend getaway destination for angelenos, yoga retreat buffs, and outdoor enthusiasts for years. Discover our friend @thedanziglife loves Ojai 5  favorite things to do in this little funky home away from home

Get your hike on!

Ojai has everything from scenic drives up into the hills to mild nature walks to multi-day long hikes. Whatever your skill or fitness level is, the point is that it’s freakin beautiful so get out there and bask in the glory of nature. Expert tip: there are also several swimming holes that you can hike to throughout the area, which are supposed to be awesome. We haven’t been to any, but if you stumble across one let us know how it is!

D1 Milano Ojai

Grab a bite

Whether you want a nice meal out, a bar to see a local band, or a nice morning cup of coffee, ojai pretty much has you covered. The place we find ourselves going back to time and time again is Farmer and The Cook , a super casual breakfast/lunch spot serving up an all vegetarian menu of breakfast burritos, tacos, and salads.

D1 Milano Ojai

Happy hour

With several tasting rooms littered throughout the town and a local brewery about to open on the main drag, there’s no better way to unwind after your hike, swim, massage, or whatever you did than with a nice cocktail. One of our favorite spots is Tipple and Ramble which is also a converted house and a fun place to hang out for a drink

Bart’s Books

You can’t go to ojai without stopping at Barts Books . It’s this funky outdoor bookstore converted from an old house on the corner of a residential neighborhood. It’s super cool to poke your head in, flip some pages…and of course take a photo or two.

D1 Milano Ojai

Sleep well

But we’d be remiss to write anything about Ojai without mentioning the Ojai Valley Inn. This place is not weird or arty but high end luxury and worth every penny. Even if you don’t stay there, go cruise around the grounds or have a bite because it’s stunning.

D1 Milano Ojai