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Northern Lights

Our friend @federica.campanile started a journey to take in the awe-inspiring spectacle of the Northern Lights. Follow us on @D1Milano and through #D1WAYTOExplore and discover the fascinating landscape of Norway!

D1 Milano in Norway

Let’s start our journey!

I decided to start my journey from a small island called Tromsø, in the north of Norway, whose fame is linked to the possibility of observing the phenomenon of the Northern Lights, which at certain times color and illuminate the sky in the night. At my arrival, the weather conditions were not the best, but my busy agenda encouraged me to enjoy the beauty of natural landscapes of the fjords.

D1 Milano in Norway

Wandering around the Fjords

Apart from Tromsø, my strong desire for exploration led me to discover the surrounding places. The first day I visited Ersfjordbotn, letting me be enchanted by the magical colors of this location. Then, I went to Ramfjordbotn, Grotfjord, Tisnes, Lyngen, Sommaroy that allowed me to get in touch with Norway’s vibrant cultural life.

D1 Milano in Norway trip

 A true miracle of Nature

Against expectations, Northern Lights came to visit us for three different nights. The sky was clear and starry, when suddenly bright dancing lights in the form of scattered clouds appeared and coloured green. It took me some minutes to understand I was staring the most soul-stirring natural spectacle of my life.

D1 Milano in Norway with Northern Lights

The best advice I can give to anyone eager to visit Norway is to find the right time of the year whether they want to admire the auroral displays during winter or the midnight sun in summer. They are both spectacular and mysterious phenomena of our planet that manifest themselves only close to the Arctic polar circle.