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Follow our friend Filippo (@lefebvre_mr) during his trip to Ivrea, and find out more about a very particular tradition...

D1 Milano - D1 way to Ivrea

Last Sunday I decided to visit Ivrea, a small city close to Turin. Ivrea is also known for the way its citizens celebrate Carnival. The symbol of this big and colorful event is the ‘orange’.

D1 Milano - D1 way to Ivrea

Ivrea is also typical for its river called Dora Baltea. I was walking by it and I got lost in such amazing landscape. Battle of the oranges is very peculiar. Here people don’t wear fancy dresses or masks for celebrating Carnival. They organize a big parade! All the oranges come from Sicily, every year thousands of oranges are required to set such a big celebration.

D1 Milano - D1 Way to Ivrea

Here we are with another picture of the Carnival in Ivrea. I’m sure you are wondering why people celebrates it in a such bizarre way. Yes, I’m not going to unveil you the real meaning of it. Google Ivrea Carnival an find out more about it ;)