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Petra, one of the seven modern world wonders, is among the most attractive and magical places you could ever visit. Situated in the south of Jordan, it’s on every traveller’s wishlist.

Visiting Petra takes almost an entire day and all the attractions are situated along one main road, the most famous ones being for sure the Treasury and the Monastery.

The entrance to the monuments is through a narrow canyon, called the Siq, which is 1.5 km long and 200 m deep. This access road, which was the entrance already in the antiquity, leads directly to the amazing door of the Treasury, giving you a breathtaking first sight.

After visiting all the sites, the road to the Monastery is by far the most challenging. It is the last one of the attractions and it takes a detour from the main road of almost 50 minutes climbing a steep road. When you arrive at the top, tired for sure, you can enjoy snacks and hot tea overlooking this magical monument (fun fact: they have wifi at the top!).

During your journey, you will encounter many bedouins who were still living in Petra until they were built homes just outside the site by Jordan government, and who still work there on a daily basis. Along the way they will insist to offer you camel, horses and donkey rides. But be aware if you are scared of the heights! Donkeys will walk very close to the cliffs.