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During this year Milan Design Week, we partnered up with Elle Decor and the Designer Diego Grandi, for a capsule collection of the Polycarbon watch. Scroll down to have a look at the watches and their unique design.

D1 Milano - Milan Design Week with Diego Grandi

Diego says: “I have never designed watches, and this is not a project about watches, but dials, surfaces that mark time”.

D1 Milano - Milan Design Week with Diego Grandi

The patterns take inspiration from other ‘60 watches and from the military field. The goal was also to use colors that can embrace both the Millennials and a more old audience, that’s why Diego went for a bright yellow and green for the young generations and a grey and brown for older target.

Find out more about this collaboration on Elle Decor

Pictures by Stefano Pavesi / courtesy of Elle Decor Italia