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Dear fans, followers, friends,
As we are entering a New Year I wanted to reach out to you to share with you my thoughts on what has been done and what will be to come. I must admit 2018 has been an amazing year for our D1 Milano Family and this has been mainly thanks to your continued support.

We have grown our online visits, our point of sales and our production line at double-digit growth with the same eye for Attention to details, love and respect for our founding pillars. When people ask me what is D1 Milano, I always think of our love and respect for Italian Culture. This doesn't only mean we are obsessively searching for beautiful aesthetics and the continued search for materials, we also enjoy those stereotypical flaws of our culture such as a continued love for wanting always more, complaining it is never enough.

So based on what defines us, we are entering 2019 with the willingness to improve our Collection even further and improving the strength of our Identity. This year we are working on enhancing our Brand Ambassadors Program, Increasing the capillarity of our distribution while maintaining the same standard of quality all of our clients appreciate and growing the D1 Milano Family with team members that share our same values and love for this project.

While we are working on this it is difficult for me to not look back at how we have evolved D1 Milano from a simple idea to one of the fastest growing Watch Brands in the Industry. And it's not about a wonderful Business Plan or somewhat of a revolutionary idea, it is ONLY thanks to our credo: We move always one step forward, together as a team, remembering that to reach the stars there are a million small steps that have to be taken and we are on the right path.

We are not here to be one more brand, one more story or one more watch. We are here to make a difference and 2019 will be a closer step to our goal.

Thank you again for everything and for being part of this amazing journey.
Best wishes,